Men want to be Bill Gates, not David Beckham

20 Aug

According to a recent survey men want to be entrepreneurs. Apparently it seems more appealing to men to build things and be the boss of something selfmade rather than being paid millions of millions for kicking a football, or being the lead in the current blockbuster featuring Sandra Bullock or Mila Kunis. Actually, only 8% of the men asked see the actors or entertainers as their role models, which may be the result actors and entertainers being categorized as a group, and not via specific names. Granted, who the f*** sees Adam Sandler as their role model?


However, entrepreneurs as a group are represented by the succes stories, because these are the guys that you hear about. You rarely associate the people behind failing startups as entrepreneurs, at least not of you’re not part of the entrepreneurial eco system. And you don’t really the see the guy opening up his kiosk on the corner as a real entrepreneur. You see the Steve Jobss, Mark Zuckerbergs and the Reid Hoffmans as real entrepreneurs, and these are the individuals that men see as their role models.

Since role models tend to influence you in your pursue of your career, I see as very positive that entrepreneurs are seen as the new super heroes. And what’s not cool about starting your own company? You get to decide everything yourself, you get to work on what might have been your hobby anyways. And once in a while it actually becomes quite a rewarding business.


Anyways, it’s good that men (and this survery was with men only, I suppose all women wants to be Carrie Bradshaw?) are acknowleding the coolness of entrepreneurship. Let’s get to it, and start some businesses!


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Posted by on 20 August, 2011 in Entrepreneurship, Random


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