Start a business – 15 ECTS

17 Sep

We just had an election, which resulted in a new government. This new combination of political parties has a more left-oriented way of managing the organisation called Denmark, and it becomes interesting to see how this circus turns out.

Since Denmark has surpassed the magical 50% of voters, who are not part of the working force, too much of the political debate revolved around care taking of elders and the weak. Which ever party that could satisfy the needs of these large demographic segments would obviously win the election.

Another important topic was economic growth. Everybody had plans, but all on macro level – speed up public investements, work more, pay more taxes, sell you houses etc. Only Liberal Alliance tried to concretise the tools, with which we can encouraging people to start up businesses. Businesses that subsequently pay taxes (in this way contributing to the public sector), hire people (thus decreasing unemployment), and export products and services (thus improving our balance of payments).

Anyway, encouraging startups is also the goal of the organisation, Gate to Create. All Danish universities have their own student run organisation, which try to strengthen the local entrepreneurial environment, and Gate to Create is the umbralla organisation on top. I am currently, writing some blog posts for these guys (obviously it’s called PR Manager on my LinkedIn profile), and we just published the first post.

I write about how universities solely prepare students for a career in corporate life. When you go one of the recurring career events, only the huge MNC’s have booths, thus the perception is that your career opportunities are limited down these corporate paths. Where are the booths with the small startups? They are too busy working, and don’t have time to fill you with bullshit and m&m’s. Read the blog here (it’s in Danish, though).

I argue that the introduction of the option of starting your own business is something that should be more integrated in higher education and the university environment on a more holistic level – especially in a business school! This is one very concrete proposition, which guarenteed will create economic growth in the future. But as long as there are so many people, who claim the right to be nursed by the state, we spend all money, time and energy on tending to the symptoms, and neglect curing the root of the decease.

A friend of mine studies at Roskilde University (RUC), and just won some innovation award, as well as a substantial money prize. However, he later admitted that he was the only one who’d entered the competition. Aparently there’s not much innovation out there. Even though, congratulations Malthe!

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