Traders Trophy Worldwide

09 Dec

Have you ever considered becoming a professional trader? Or, to put it differently: Have you ever considered a stressful job where you could make (a lot of)^3 money? In case the answer is YES, then you´d probably like to hear more about the competition called Traders Trophy Worldwide. One of the best trading simulations you can imagine.

In this trading simulation you get to trade securities in an environment that closely resembles the real market. Apart from trying to make a lot of money, you have to make sure you a) answer telephone calls from your clients and other participants in the room and are active in the market  (“you are the market maker”), b) manage risk effectively and c) respond to the news that pop out every few seconds, minimize your losses and get stable returns on your investments.

Each participating university has its own qualification round, then the best traders advance to the national finals and again, the best of the best make it to the world finals. Putting all the fancy prizes, traveling and adrenalin aside, what are the main reasons you should at least give it a try?

First and foremost, if you want to become a trader, this is the best way to find out if you have what it takes. Having straight A´s is not good enough, because you have to make BIG decisions – and make them on-the-spot. If you are a nervous wreck each time you have to buy more shares, then this is going to be truly hellish 60 minutes of your life.

Secondly, since this is sponsored by companies that actually use this competition as a recruitment tool, winning can earn you your dream position (or at least make the firms aware of your existence, which helps). Better still, you will get to talk to people who work for these companies and get their views on this profession. And the icing on the cake – they are all happy to talk to you and share their experience. They do not look down on you just because you have not yet finished your Diploma; no way.

Lastly, this competition is great fun. You meet awesome new people, laugh at your own stupidity as you will – almost inevitably at some point in time – lose thousands of dollars in a single click (I actually enjoyed losing money that was not mine!) and then, if you are lucky, you will advance to the next round and go through all that again! Oh, and do not get me started on the gorgeous food that was served…

However, even if you end up in red, you can still win at least something. Personal experience: I made a loss of more than 15 000 dollars (so I did not make it to the national finals), yet I won in one of the three categories, namely the “Market maker” one. I was amazed to hear that, I definitely did not see it coming.

The Netherlands, beware: Next year I am giving it another shot. *Wink*

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