Before the Lobotomy (exams)

27 Dec

Christmas break. What a perfect opportunity to eat like a horse /students who have to cook for themselves all semester long fully appreciate their moms´ cookies/, drink like a fish /read: get terribly wasted and vomit all New Year´s Day long/ and sleep like a log (do not confuse with log). Right. Not if you are an unlucky student whose exams begin in early January (condolences, anyone?)…

“Remember to learn to forget – whiskey shots and cheap cigarettes.”

Yeah, forgetting is easy peasy. Input: vodka + juice. Please wait, disc formatting in process. Bzzt, done. T-distribution, Linking Limit Lemma, Weak Axiom of Revealed Preferences: Error, files not found.

I honestly wonder how many students are responsible enough to back up their precious files and open them once or twice during the holidays. Sure, your Windows may crash from time to time (after all, we are all somewhat Gatesian now), but that is not an excuse.

“The brutality of reality.” Packing, going to the mountains. No skis this year (no snow, perhaps global warming exists after all?), taking textbooks and a calculator instead. Thanks, Holland! ,)

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