Viva la Exam Period

10 Jan


Exam periods are amazing. Not just because the PMSing (or, actually PESing) of your classmates ends /by definition/, but mainly because it is the fastest, cheapest and most reliable diet available. No excessive sporting, no excessive eating of stuff only rabbits (or vegetarians) consider edible, no tricks. Not persuaded? Read on!

If you are one of the people whose life story is something along the lines “I keep losing weight. Unfortunately, it keeps finding me.” you should definitely consider going through say, 10 days of tough exams (one per two days is ideal). The more difficult the subjects, the better.

How does the process work? There are very simple rules to follow: First, do get enough sleep. Even at a cost of not being able to memorize everything – it is likely that if you suffer from sleep deprivation, you will learn at a slower pace anyway. Second, do study. Meaning – do not procrastinate. If you want to burn some calories, you need to be thinking hard. Thirdly, drink a lot of water or green tea /no sugar!/ – something above 2 litres per day, preferably 3. Why? Check out this medical site. Finally, do not gorge yourself on sweets /rewards/ – maximum one treat per day. This is quite easy if you live alone (and are not fed by your mummy).

The expected weight loss ranges between 1 to 2.5 kilo per week (hey, don´t ask me to calculate the variance; I´m taking a Statistics exam tomorrow!). No pain. In case you are a control freak, it may be even more due to stress – which regrettably negates the positive effect of weigh loss on your health.


Honestly, given the number of overweight people in Europe, I would make harsh exam periods mandatory for everyone. Perhaps I have finally found the reason not to dread exams…



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