The Tragedy of TeamWork

05 Mar

Continually do our professors lecture us on the importance of teamwork. The whole theory that “if you learn how to get on with others while doing a project, you will have it easier at work” however, hinges on the assumption that teamwork is actually carried out by the whole team. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

Do not get me wrong. I am not against the idea of teamwork. I actually think that – in theory – teamwork is much more efficient than the same number of individuals working on their own (preparation sessions of the Czech National Debate Team before debate tournaments come to my mind with a touch of nostalgia…), but needs one specific prerequisite: These individuals have to be (at least roughly) motivated to the same extent and equally skilled.

Why? Consider a situation when one ambitious control freak who is used to doing everything perfectly is forced to work with five other people who a) do not have the slightest idea what to do, b) do not care about the issue at all or – worst of all – c) are both clueless and careless. The result is that instead of sharing the burden, the control freak does this assignment more or less on his or her own (or redoes parts done by others because they are of inferior quality), resulting in frustration on one side and plain free-riding on the other. And now imagine that the result of this assignment is directly tied to grades or pay, i.e. when feckless people get benefits for simply being lucky in having someone to do the project for them…

Real-life example: For one particular course we were supposed to submit papers in pairs. My “teammate” sent me a “draft” of our “paper” (quotation marks intentional) that horrified me. I was nowhere close to an argumentative essay: He just randomly mentioned some points (who cares about structure, obviously), wrote a feeble conclusion and failed to mention his sources of information. Needless to say, I was furious and had to rewrite the whole thing. So after we get our grade, he will get the same one as me, although his contribution will be close to zero – and the professor will never know who actually wrote the essay. If this is not unfair, I wonder what is.

A daring question: Shouldn´t a university degree be awarded to individuals who managed to not only pass the exams, but also demonstrated some academic skills? A logical follow-up suggestion: Drop the team assignments at the university (especially in the first year) to force people to prove that they “deserve” that shiny Diploma.

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