Stolen Conversations

06 May

Time and again, I get the feeling that our conversations are gradually being reduced only to sets of – supposedly – funny quotes, memes and (virtual) exclamations. Classmates no longer say “hey, dude, happy birthday”; they post it on his wall instead. Somebody talks nonsense? “, please,” is the chorus. Even marriage proposals are moving to the virtual sphere, as if FB statuses were all that mattered.

It seems to me that all these “fun” websites are stealing the conversations we should be having. I am not just talking about those countless hours people spend “for fun” on social networking sites; I also mean the countless hours they spend improving their profiles, checking up on (read: stalking) others or uploading tons of things no one really cares about. (Yeah, let´s face it.) 

Judging from the number of new pictures on 9gag every hour, there must be thousands of people every day, every minute working on new “fun stuff” to post. Photoshop, random drawings, recycled memes of yesterday. And communication with the “outside world”? Just online.

Or worse, these sites are not just stealing conversations; they are here for our Schadenfreude too. A friend shared an article about a student who committed suicide because he had figured out it was a logical step to do – not that she would feel sorry for him, but simply because it happened to fit with her favourite meme “Seems legit.”

And do not even get me started on all those grammatical errors in memes and quotes people so often (mis)use…

So sad. What sort of childhood do these procrastinating kids have? (“When I was your age, not only that Pluto was a planet, but we went outside when we wanted to play soccer.”)

“You don´t know? How can you possibly not know that Philip broke up with her? It was all over Twitter yesterday.” – Because I have life, that´s why.

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