The Best Thing About Final Exams…

13 May

 … is NOT the fact that they collide with the Ice Hockey Championship. (Meh. For those who don´t like this sport – it is enough to know that all Czechs, i.e. even the author of this post, are nuts about it. After Nagano it has almost become our national symbol…)

No, seriously. Final exams are exhausting, (probably) difficult and frustrating. But they offer one benefit you just can´t deny: They make you feel smart. How?

Let´s be honest here. It is probably the only time in your life when you actually understand “what the … all the lectures were about”. You have memorized some formulae, theorems and other stuff you will never see again in your life. Suddenly all the geeky jokes make sense – and are even funny!

Fair point. This is still not the best thing about finals. The best thing of course is the feeling when you hand in the last paper/test. Freedom! It´s over! … I wish.Image

Anyway, back to streaming and the match CZ – Russia. And good luck to you, my fellow student-victims!

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