On-line Courses: The 21st Century Approach?

20 May

As you might have noticed, on-line courses are becoming increasingly popular all around the globe. Many renowned universities are making tons of course materials available for the public (see MIT, for example) or are offering paid courses with a tutor, where you get a certificate upon completion (see Cambridge).

Undeniably, such opportunities are amazing. They are there, up for grabs, if only you have enough time (or money) – and motivation – to exploit them. Suddenly you can learn about Shakespeare, linear algebra, Medieval music or just about anything else at any time you please. At home in your comfy bed, in a park on a bench during a sunny day, on train when going to your grandma, you name it.

Additionally, the possibility of interacting with your fellow classmates who can literally be anywhere in the universe (well, provided they have Internet connection on Venus) is simply thrilling. This is what “multiculturalism” really means!

However, there may be drawbacks to this virtual learning environment. Perhaps “just” Skyping with your professor does not help as much as a face-to-face conversation, maybe some ideas get lost in the virtual classroom, mayhap people do not (or cannot?) focus as much. Who knows?

Well, dear Readers, you are lucky today. I have decided to follow an on-line Psychology course in the coming two months, so you may look forward to first-hand reports on how do these things really work (or do not work).

It´s going to be…wait for it! 

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