Motivation: I Miss You

27 May

Do you also sometimes get the feeling that you have lost your motivation to study/work/…even move? Does your bed (floor?) feel so comfy that you never want to get up again? Have you ever felt so absorbed by some procrastinating activity that time literally flied?

Next question: Why does this happen during the most important exam period? …

Quite honestly, this would make for an interesting research question. Why do even hard-working people just lose the mana to work at the moment they need it the most? Logically, I would expect some kind of natural selection here: If you are weak, you don´t graduate. And yet, this rule doesn´t seem to apply (show me a single person who has never felt weak or lazy – and I will give you my piano, one of my legs…)

I don´t think it´s “just the summer”. Sure, it is more difficult to concentrate when you have 30°C in your room and nature suddenly feels so inviting, but this cannot be the only reason. Is it because we think that we have almost reached the end of the semester and hence just want to “sleep it through”? Or perhaps because the semester is too long and we need a rest already? …

To all fellow sufferers: Kopf hoch, tanzen! No, actually, heads up (so far, so good) – study!

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