Freshman Year: Few Quotes to Say Goodbye

03 Jun

Done. Finished. It´s gone. Now let the summer holidays begin! …Wait a second. Let´s have a couple of good laughs first. Dear Readers, let me present the funniest/most profound quotes (by professors) of the year. Additionally, I am sharing some of the best high school quotes too – “in loving memory”. Enjoy!


– “A lottery is a tax on people who do not understand probability theory.” /Statistics/

– “I know it´s Monday after the holidays – but you look terrible.” /Macroeconomics/

– “It´s [= the correct answer is] C. …See?” /Microeconomics/

– “If you split it into more halves…” /Mathematics/ !

– “Republican voters are not completely stupid…” /Microeconomics/

– “Statistics is like wine drinking. The more flavours you taste, the more you like it.” /Statistics/

– “We will have a polluting activity.” /Microeconomics/

– “I call this price discrimination Dracula style.” /Microeconomics/

High school:

– “Buying just one beer wouldn´t make sense.” /German language/

– “No-fly zone. Yeah: Flies – forbidden!” /English language/

– “My husband always complains about domestic violence. Supposedly I behave like a teacher.” /Social sciences/

– Okay. Here´s a riddle: It´s yellow, extremely dangerous and goes up and down all the time. What is it? … A chicken with a grenade in a lift.” /Czech language/

– “Have you been to England?” – (student:) “No, I just saw some pictures.” – “Yeah, I was there too…” /Geography/

–  “He was chopping vegetable, when he got an electric shock…” /English language/

– “Look! I will make a mistake!” /Physics/

– (student admires socks with cows:) “Wow! Jesus!” – “Cows. Jesus looks completely different.” /English language/

PS: Would you like to share some funny moments from your school? Please comment below! 🙂

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One response to “Freshman Year: Few Quotes to Say Goodbye

  1. Marie

    3 June, 2012 at 3:55 pm

    something along the lines of “go have a look after the lecture… or ask one of your mates to show you” — biology (comparing male and female anatomy)


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