All Challenges Accepted: Except For the Stupid Ones

10 Jun

Don´t get me wrong. I like challenges. I almost crave them (sort of). I can coach the Czech National Debate Team, study for finals, research people´s motivation – and still find enough time for all those guilty pleasures we all have. However, I think that even challenges have their limits – and today I would like to tell you about one extreme challenge and why I think this challenge should not had been accepted.

A friend of mine has decided to try an internship in a consultancy in sunny (yet broke) Greece. What´s so “extreme” about that? Well, the fact that he suffers from sun allergy.

When he noticed my flabbergasted look, he said that – among other things – his motivation to pick Greece was “to find out how much is he willing to suffer in order to find a good job”.

So I paused and thought: I can understand someone´s willingness to spend the whole summer working (that, after all, is also a sort of a sacrifice); I can understand that someone wants to try an (either physically or mentally) challenging internship to test one´s limits; I can even understand if someone decides not to have holidays at all and study all summer; but I honestly do not understand why would anyone consciously risk his/her health, being 100% sure that no matter what precautions he/she takes, there surely will be some harms.

To rephrase that: I think it is OK to pursue something potentially dangerous if you can minimize (or avoid) most of the risks (e.g. relieve stress by doing sports), but I don´t see the point of harming yourself by doing things that are bound to hurt no matter what.

And then I paused for the second time: Really, that´s a good question. How much are people willing to suffer for the sake of a glamorous job? … Well, to be investigated. My list of unresolved behavioral questions gets longer every day…

But before I do look into that question, I urge you, dear Readers: Think twice before accepting challenges. Even if you yourself don´t care about being hurt – chances are, there are probably people out there who would hate to see you on the edge of breaking down.

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