Turn It Off

17 Jun

“When you´re feeling certain feels that just don’t feel right/ Treat those pesky feelings like a reading light/ and turn them off/ Like a light switch just go bap!/ Really what´s so hard about that? …”

95% of people have sometimes doubts. (The remaining 5% are liars.) Some of us doubt our past choices, abilities of our co-workers or the national football team (sorry, Holland – but I did cheer for you!), some may doubt their sexual orientation or our chance to save the Euro (hey, Greece & Spain)… but is it really possible to just turn these thoughts off? And should we even try?

Well, for a start, I think that doubts are sometimes vital for success. Think of the times you went over your exam to discover miscalculations (one per page; true story), of the times you double-checked that you had locked the door (you had not), of the times you slowed down on a highway because it was foggy and driving at speed over 130km/h suddenly did not feel like a good idea (it wasn´t, there were many deaths on the roads on that day).

So is having doubts always a blessing? …Hardly. It can freeze you and prevent you from doing things right. How?…


“Oh my what if I fail, what would they think? What if I mess things up really badly? I will get punished or worse, kicked out! What would I do then? My skills are equal to zero, I am a good-for-nothing…”


No. Stop right there. In Czech we have a nice saying that goes something like this: “Do not take your pants off if the river is still far away.” In other words, do not give up before you have started! So while it is probably a good idea to have doubts when deciding what to do; but once you have chosen a plan A, stick to it. (“Never change horses in midstream?”) Then turn those pesky feelings off. Finally – get things done!


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