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Does the Catholic Church have a graduate programme?

The Pope, the spiritual leader of the catholic church has stepped down. This piece of news has already gone viral across global news media channels and quickly rumours concerning his health were scrutinised. As it turns out this is not the case, reports the Church, but merely that he does not feel that his mental and physical conditions enabled him to continue as the head of the Vatican organisation.

Nonetheless, Graduateland has already initiated the search for a sucessor since we believe that our user base consists of the world’s most talented individuals.

It is no secret that the papal conclave, which eventually has to come to an agreement of who to elect, has certain criteria which have to be fulfilled. Which criteria that happen to be the decisive is of course difficult to predict, however history can indicate which traits seem important.
Further, I suspect that a number of more modern skills seem relevant to include in the search, seeing that the prospective pope has to manage the Church for approximately 7.2 years (the average length of past papacies) in the 21st century.

Going through the Graduateland datase we can gradually add more and more parameters until our segment contains a satisfying target group. Here I am of course taking into consideration the opening rate of our email campaigns, as well as the click-through-rate to the job post.

First parameter: Gender
Seeing that all popes in the past has been male we conclude that this could be the time that the Church steps into a more modern gender-neutral recruitment policy. Consequently we include both males and females, leaving us at 100% of the user database.

Graduation date
As far as I could find online there has not been set a deadline for application to the opening. However, assuming that the role has to be occupied quite soon, I’m defining the latest graduation date as end of February 2013. No limit to the earliest graduation date as the Vatican has a history of recruiting people with substantial experience from prior work places.

Current status
It is always more effective to recruit profiles that are already looking for new challenges. Therefore I demand the Graduateland database to include only users that are looking for full time positions, as well as graduate programmes, both full time roles. Graduate programmes can be surprising by our statistics show that candidates are open to entry position when these take them trough a training period, though less substantial than real 2-year graduate programmes. Users only looking for internships, temporary positions and part time positions are excluded.

There are the obvious study programmes like theology, which I pick to begin with. Additionally, a number of management studies are included, seeing that the candidate has to lead staff locally, as well as various international subsidiaries. A broad range of educations within humanity is added to the search, primarily because the papal vacancy covers many aspects of communication, history, culture and rhetorics, and I’m acknowledging that many relevant skills are obtained outside the academic institutions, and I’m therefore aware of not excluding strong candidates who don’t have a the right diploma.

Language skills
I’m applying Latin as mandatory and suddenly the seach results are narrowed down drastically. Further, Italian is important, though not essential. Additional languages do not weigh a much, however the more the better.

Additional skills
A quick search of the official website of the pope,, on, shows that SEO of the site has not been the focus of the resigning pope (granted, he does have a Twitter profile, @Pontifex, but who hasn’t?). The future pope will probably not be directly involved with the optimisation but an increased priority of an online presence must be expected. I can easily apply SEO (and other terms for the same concept) to the search – funny how Latin and SEO does not correlate amongst the segment and a large group is dynamically filtered away.

As I’m going through the profiles I’m looking for candidates who are willing to consider travels abroad, despite statistics of the latest pope only travelling abroad 8 times. Experience as a tutor for younger students is also a plus, since intro trips tend to include dressing up in funny costumes and wearing hats.

Funny hat

The target group is ready – sending emails now. Keep an eye on your inbox!

The Graduateland team

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