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Bicycle Race – Destination: Morality

If you´ve ever been to Holland, you probably know that every Dutch(wo)man more or less lives on his/her bike. They eat, drink, play console games, kiss or even play musical instruments (!) while cycling on the busiest road in town… as if it were as easy as taking a candy from a baby.

Fine. I (just like any other foreigner living in Holland) can live with that. Unfortunately, there is one more peculiar thing concerning bikes present: Yes, you guessed it – stealing bicycles is (almost) a national sport!

Two days ago, my shiny, 3-month-old bike was stolen. I was furious, but the only condolence I got from the Dutch was along the lines “So what? Just go and steal one for yourself!”

So I stopped whining, took a deep breath in and thought: What if everybody stole bicycles from everybody else? What if really everybody joined this craziness? How would that affect the societal morals? How quickly would this spill over to other things (like stealing your super-expensive pen – the Czech president would probably know)? And finally, what makes a crime socially “acceptable”? (If it is just “enough people doing it”, could fraud one day become ok?)

Any thoughts?

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Feeling S-love-nia

Six days of adventure. Six days of pure nature, hiking, and fun. Six days of awesomeness. Welcome to Slovenia, one of the few countries in the world where you can a) meet dozens of super-friendly Germans (true story), b) enjoy both pristine nature and useful products of civilization (viva la fridge!) and c) hike as well as swim in the sea!

In this post I would like to share a couple of my personal discoveries about this amazing country somewhat south from the heart of Europe. Put your rucksack on, fill your water bottle – and don´t forget the sunscreen. Here we go.

1. “Nothing is a problem.” It doesn´t matter whether you miss the last bus or just happen to lose your map – Slovenians won´t call it a “problem”; rather, they will do their best to turn your misfortune into an opportunity (read: a perfectly managed adventure).

2. Excellent ice cream. Slovenians have the best chocolate ice cream ever. Period.

3. Hitchhiking works like a dream. Not only that there are dozens of nice Germans happy to give a poor student in need a lift, but also the locals are there for you (especially if they hear from you how much you admire their mountains).

4. Water, water everywhere; nor any drop to drink. If you go hiking, take a lot of water with you – there is only very little drinkable water up in the (beautiful) mountains (and it´s terribly difficult to reach).

5. Party hard. I have never seen a cocktail with so much alcohol before. Ever. (For those of you going to a little town Bovec – try “Sex in Bovec” in the Bar Cerna Ovce.)

6. Don´t bother speaking foreign languages… at least if you are Czech or Slovak. When I tried to buy a drink, German did not work, English not exactly, but it wasn´t until I tried my mother tongue that I was finally understood… True story.

But in a nutshell – Slovenia is worth every cent and every minute of your time.

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