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…and we’re back!

heart rate…As the chat in Gmail says, after having frustrated the user with brief offline moments in oblivion. It’s been a while since my last post on this blog, even though its my personal blog, and I’ve been linking to it during the last months in my auto-signature of some thousand emails. I guess I’ve been a bit uninspired lately and submitting thoughts into the cyber sphere has not seemed like the cure – rather I’ve just continued to postpone updating. But that time is now over and I’ll allocate time and brain capacity to produce some stuff.

This one is not really a content post, merely a beeb on the heart monitor – the patient is still alive!


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Board Game Night

…aka “all geeks welcome”. No, seriously, I think this is a brilliant idea. What exactly? Well, here it is: A friend of mine dug up about 20 old board games (including – but not limited to – Monopoly, Scrabble, Carcassonne, Bang, Axis and Allies,…), invited a bunch of geeky people to his place, bought tons of chips, pizzas and litres of coke … and so the party began.

One friend of us, let´s call him Sam, promised to come at five in the evening. Suddenly, it was six and we had no clue where he was. Mark sent him a text. “So, where is Sam?” we asked. “Sam is not responding.” (pause) “If you choose to call Sam immediately, you will lose any unsaved data.” somebody shouted – and that moment we knew that this night would go down in history.

And it did. Kudos to all four boys who managed to teach me Bang in little under ten minutes, a huge thanks to whoever made me that amazing green tea – and an applause to everybody for the fantastic night!

Just a few warnings for those of you who decide to organize something similar in your house:

1. Junk food is good, greasy hands less so (especially when you are playing cards).

2. Tip for fun Scrabble: You are allowed to use only those words NOT found in a dictionary.

3. Have more game sessions running at the same time – you will overhear tons of ridiculous quotes (esp. if you have a group playing Scrabble and a group playing Bang, true story).

4. Invite a lot of people – even if they don´t know each other; after all board games are a great ice breaker!

5. No alcohol. Or at least as long as possible – it is more fun when all the players are able to follow the rules 😉

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Distance Learning: Evaluation

Some weeks ago I mentioned that I was taking up a Cambridge on-line course (Psychology in real life, to be specific). Well, now I am more than half-way through and I would like to share my views with you, dear Readers: What is distance learning really like? 

Number one: As you sow, so shall you reap. If you follow the course, watch the videos you are asked to and contribute to discussions with your classmates, you learn a lot. If you think that you can “cheat the system” and get a shiny diploma for a couple of random posts – it might work, but your new knowledge would equal zero. But then again, it all depends on what you are looking for.

Number two: Clashes are good. Inevitably, your on-line class will be multicultural. As a result, you might disagree on various things – and when you talk them through, you will often discover new views you have never previously considered. For example, I was surprised to learn how widely research ethical standards differ across countries.

Number three: Keep track of what is going on. If possible, read everything your classmates share. Watch their videos, look at the links they post. Sometimes take the lead and go the extra mile to share something interesting. You will be surprised how much you can learn from them (the fact that you learn a lot from your tutor and textbook is probably clear).

Finally: Make the most of this chance. Time just flies when you enjoy yourself – and honestly, the on-line courses feel way too short. So use them to the fullest! E-mail your tutor when you don´t understand something, add your classmates on Facebook and share your views (or even meet up?) and – most importantly – dedicate some time to real thinking about the issues raised in class. One day it might pay off… 

In a nutshell: This is probably very subjective, but – based on my experience – the Cambridge on-line course deserves an A and I would heartily recommend this way of learning to every curious student! 🙂

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Happy Towel Day!

Dear Readers, I would like to wish you happy Towel Day filled with excitement, fun and activities you love. But no matter what you end up doing, remember: “Never go anywhere without your towel.”

A couple of hints where to go today here


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On-line Courses: The 21st Century Approach?

As you might have noticed, on-line courses are becoming increasingly popular all around the globe. Many renowned universities are making tons of course materials available for the public (see MIT, for example) or are offering paid courses with a tutor, where you get a certificate upon completion (see Cambridge).

Undeniably, such opportunities are amazing. They are there, up for grabs, if only you have enough time (or money) – and motivation – to exploit them. Suddenly you can learn about Shakespeare, linear algebra, Medieval music or just about anything else at any time you please. At home in your comfy bed, in a park on a bench during a sunny day, on train when going to your grandma, you name it.

Additionally, the possibility of interacting with your fellow classmates who can literally be anywhere in the universe (well, provided they have Internet connection on Venus) is simply thrilling. This is what “multiculturalism” really means!

However, there may be drawbacks to this virtual learning environment. Perhaps “just” Skyping with your professor does not help as much as a face-to-face conversation, maybe some ideas get lost in the virtual classroom, mayhap people do not (or cannot?) focus as much. Who knows?

Well, dear Readers, you are lucky today. I have decided to follow an on-line Psychology course in the coming two months, so you may look forward to first-hand reports on how do these things really work (or do not work).

It´s going to be…wait for it! 

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The Best Thing About Final Exams…

 … is NOT the fact that they collide with the Ice Hockey Championship. (Meh. For those who don´t like this sport – it is enough to know that all Czechs, i.e. even the author of this post, are nuts about it. After Nagano it has almost become our national symbol…)

No, seriously. Final exams are exhausting, (probably) difficult and frustrating. But they offer one benefit you just can´t deny: They make you feel smart. How?

Let´s be honest here. It is probably the only time in your life when you actually understand “what the … all the lectures were about”. You have memorized some formulae, theorems and other stuff you will never see again in your life. Suddenly all the geeky jokes make sense – and are even funny!

Fair point. This is still not the best thing about finals. The best thing of course is the feeling when you hand in the last paper/test. Freedom! It´s over! … I wish.Image

Anyway, back to streaming and the match CZ – Russia. And good luck to you, my fellow student-victims!

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The Fear of Free Time

Always on the go. School, work, meetings, family reunions, friend gatherings, research. 24/7 non-stop. Every day, every week. And then BOOM – nothing. Suddenly, a whole afternoon all for yourself. You immediately start to panic – have I forgotten something? Am I neglecting somebody? Am I just shirking? STOP.

This paranoia needs to stop. Take a step back and seriously think about the following: What is the last time you “did nothing”? The last time you sat back to reflect upon things, to relax, or to enjoy one of your “guilty pleasures“? 

Step up against this hectic nonsense. Allow yourself to breathe from time to time. Workaholism is definitely not the answer, albeit it may help you forget the question. Don´t fear those relaxed moments, embrace them.



Go out and enjoy the spring, dear Readers – and may joy and happiness be with you!

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